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About: Headliner

Passport Noire is a lifestyle and travel blog for Black millennials who are looking to explore the world. We believe that there's no better time than now, in this day and age of social media, to take advantage of exciting travel opportunities all over the globe. Our goal is to encourage more people of color to see the beauty in our own backyard - or any other destination you can fly into!


This travel blog was born out of a desire for adventure and celebrating diversity through exploration while debunking stereotypes about Black travel. We're more than just another travel blog, we're an online platform that provides reliable information about traveling abroad, as well as tips on how to get started exploring the world from your living room couch. Whether you're traveling on a budget or looking for something a bit more upscale, we have something for everyone!

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Meet Kia

Kia is a resident physician in Internal Medicine in Dallas, Texas.  She is originally from Jackson, Mississippi and spent her youth between Mississippi and Arkansas. She is a public health champion, author and health care advocate. Over the years, her career has required her to step into new roles and spaces that benefit from the unique perspectives of women of color.


During medical school, she served as a health policy intern for former Boston City Councilor and Current Congresswoman for MA-7, Ayanna Pressley. She strives to expand medical, legal, and social services for vulnerable disenfranchised populations, particularly women of color in the southern United States.

She enjoys learning about different cultures through travel, and decided to start Passport Noire to share her experiences and the things she's learned with family, friends, and fellow travelers. Her favorite international destination is Barcelona, Spain. Her favorite domestic (US) destination is New Orleans, Louisiana.  

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Meet Arias

Arias helps entrepreneurs create revenue through foundational sales and marketing techniques. He is originally from Dallas, Texas and has spent a significant portion of his life growing up in San Diego, California.  He has hired, coached, and developed 400+ sales professionals for 10+ years resulting in over $112M in revenue for multiple companies.


A man of many talents and interests, he is the founder and CEO of SaiRed Digital Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in Dallas, TX, and Delicious Prep, a meal subscription service serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  He has been awarded a commendation from the city of Los Angeles City Council for his contributions to the Arts as Executive Producer of the Hip Hop 101 Music and Arts Festival featuring Grammy Award winning artists (Ludacris, Common, Janelle Monae). Mr. WebsterBerry has served as a mentor to countless entrepreneurs and counts it as one of his most precious contributions to the business world at large.  

He hopes that Passport Noire will inspire more millenial travelers to venture to new destinations and experience old destinations in new ways. His favorite international destination is Amsterdam. His favorite domestic travel destination is Big Bear, California for snowboarding. 




We've traveled to over 20 countries 

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