Black Love on the Slopes: Our Guide to 5 Days in Breckenridge, Colorado

Updated: Aug 14

Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway or traveling with your BFFs, here's an itinerary for couples who want to hit the slopes and enjoy some quality time together.

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Arias and I traveled to Colorado as a part of our own Black Couples Ski Retreat with some of our closest friends. Our travel dates were during November 2020. We decided on Breckenridge, Colorado because of its popularity among ski enthusiasts and its relatively close proximity to Dallas. A round-trip flight for the two of us was only $140.00, so we couldn't NOT check out this awesome ski town.

Day 1: Arrival to Denver

We arrived to Denver, Colorado during the early afternoon. We caught an airport shuttle to one of the closest rental car companies and picked up our reserved rental car. From there, we drove approximately 2 hours to get to the small town of Breckenridge. Before we headed to our accommodations, we did stop at a local grocery store to pick up a variety of groceries, snacks, beverages, and water to help cut down on food expenses for the week.


For this trip, we stayed in a beautiful cabin AirBnb called the Pine Needle Lodge. The cabin was incredibly spacious with 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths (the King rooms with large soaking tubs) and private hot tub--plenty of space for 6 people. The neighborhood that we stayed in also had a service that offered shuttle drop-off and pick-up to various locations throughout Breckenridge. The AirBnB was also about a 15 minute drive from Main Street.

Additional features of the location included plentiful balcony space for mountain gazing, whole living room speakers for all of our media needs, and a downstairs (basement) entertainment lounge. We had a great time in this space.

Day 2: Breckenridge Nordic Center

Our travel group varied in our skiing and snowboarding ability. Although I had been on a ski trip before, I had never actually tried my hand at skiing. Arias, on the other hand, was already a pretty decent snowboarder looking for new powder. During the first day of skiing, I headed to the Nordic Ski Center while Arias headed to Keystone for snowboarding. However, before heading to our respective destinations, we were fitted for our skis, snowboards, and the rest of our equipment at our AirBnb. We rented all of our equipment through and Breck Sports. We signed up for the option to get our equipment fitted and delivered to our accommodations during our online registration.

Planning your first ski trip?

The Breckenridge Nordic Center specializes in cross-country skiing. From my understanding of cross-country skiing, you traverse more flat terrain without the use of ski lifts and other assistance. You still have skis and poles, but the inclines on which you are traveling are definitely not as steep. For my first ski experience, I knew that I wanted to try cross-country skiing. Ultimately, my plan was to learn some basics of skiing on flatter land, practice some runs, and meet up with Arias at Keystone the next day.

I signed up for the Group Beginner cross-country ski lessons which were roughly $70.00. This included an all day trail pass, which gave me access to all of the different trails on the campus. Down-hill skis are different from cross-country skis, so I also rented the company's ski equipment. The skis and shoe rental was about $23.00 for one day. I brought my own ski goggles, gloves, and jacket. The actual lessons take about an hour and a half, but I stayed for an additional hour and a half practicing the different trails. I caught the AirBnb's shuttle back to the cabin after I was done.


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Day 3: Keystone

On Day 3, our group traveled to Keystone, Colorado to hit the down-hill slopes. The drive from Breckenridge to Keystone is very scenic and approximately 40 minutes.

Side Note: Breckenridge has its own ski slopes, but due to the availability of ski passes for that time frame, we decided to go to Keystone. We booked our ski passes through Epic Pass. The benefits of buying an Epic Pass is that these passes provide you with access to the ski lifts and slopes for multiple locations. As we traveled during COVID, there were restrictions on the number of people who could be present on the slopes during the day, so we had to make reservations for our specific ski days well in advance. We purchased our ski passes and reserved our days approximately a month and a half in advance.

Upon arriving to Keystone, we instantly felt the charm of the Ski Village. Numerous restaurants, coffee shops, and places to shop for apparel await you once you are there. Typically, lines are long for the ski lifts, but lines tend to move quickly as there are a large number of gondolas available for skiers. Chair lifts are also available to get you to the top of the slopes. Keystone has a number of trails for all difficulty levels, from bunny slopes (beginner) to Black slopes (most difficult).

Day 4: Breckenridge Main Street

On our last full day in Breckenridge, we decided to travel to Main Street, which is essentially Breckenridge's downtown area. It is an adorable area with small shops, merchants, and a variety of restaurants. Here, we picked up souvenirs and small mementos that were very reasonably priced. We also got some of the best massages of our lives at Breck Body Bar, right off of Main Street. We made reservations for the massage services the day of and they were more than able to accommodate us.

The photo opps around Main Street are also extremely Instagrammable! We took the opportunity to capture gorgeous photos with backgrounds of snow-covered mountains and frozen ponds. Breckenridge Main Street truly felt like a winter wonderland.

Day 5: Departure

After making brunch in our AirBnb, we headed back to Denver, dropped off our rental car, and headed back to Dallas.

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Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a fun, romantic, and affordable ski trip destination, Breckenridge is the place to go. There are plenty of different ways for people on any budget to have an amazing time skiing/snowboarding in Colorado. In order to cut expenses, consider traveling with a group or splitting lodging costs between friends. Don't be left out when everyone posts their pictures from an epic winter vacation!


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